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Paint Paint - by RamRunner

Tailgate...(read more)

85 Wagoneer 85 Wagoneer - by Lishmael

Rebuilding my 1985 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. I will be replacing both front fenders, both rear quarter p...(read more)

Rebecca Rebecca - by Cody-Rieker

It was the first truck i bought myself i'm currently restoring it to its former glory and getting it...(read more)

Sport/ utility Sport/ utility - by Myvan

Retrofitting a Base econoline van to custom sport/ utility vechiel ...(read more)

The Other Woman The Other Woman - by sportside_rider352@yahoo.com

I am doing the bodywork on my truck to repair damage caused by careless car doors and kids on bikes,...(read more)

CreepN CreepN - by CreepN

My Dream Truck...(read more)

Daily Driver Daily Driver - by Mop

Not a project, but always treated like a baby!...(read more)

Restorethe12V Restorethe12V - by restorethe12v

Restoring my 1989 Dodge 12V Cummins on a budget. The build will be a paycheck to paycheck project. ...(read more)

Black chrome Black chrome - by Tjhooker

Chrome front end/rear bumper and step ups. Project is half way done. Rims are next....(read more)

chrome rear bumper chrome rear bumper - by crobbs32

I have paint matched everything on my truck but my rear bumper. Hoping to do this by myself and not ...(read more)

1984-Chevy S-10 V8 1984-Chevy S-10 V8 - by mbcoin53@gmail.com

This is the 4th S-10 V-8 I have cleaned up and re-sold in the last 12 months. These little trucks ar...(read more)

Summer Jeep Summer Jeep - by Sbosco0015

Budget family driver project...(read more)

John Deere Truck John Deere Truck - by P12345

Making on old Ford look like a John Deere parts truck...(read more)

Scout Scout - by binderbeast

Restoring a Scout....(read more)

family fun family fun - by liftit12@aol.com

Willys jeep sbc 350 dana 44 front and rear disk brakes all 4 corners 36" swampers corbeau seats jeep...(read more)

Riot Riot - by Chewy riot

Just a love of creating something new....(read more)

Daily driver renewal Daily driver renewal - by weld88

Working to improve over all look and durability of my daily truck. ...(read more)

50 50 - by bweis@annegrady.org

I am changing the bus from yellow to our blue and white company colors. I am about halfway done. We ...(read more)

Crew Cab Crew Cab - by Shelbystanging@yahoo.com

I bought this truck 8 years ago with the intentions to restoring it and making it a daily driver. Si...(read more)

Carl's Ram Carl's Ram - by CarlRRay

Repair Chips...(read more)

Ram Ram - by CarlRRay

Get Rid of Project...(read more)

Big blue Big blue - by Dylan1323

It's a beast...(read more)

PAINT FOR MY 1991S10 PAINT FOR MY 1991S10 - by louie


Hood restoration Hood restoration - by jeepers4fun

Hood was faded down to primer. Sanding down hood, top of fenders and windshield frame to prime and p...(read more)

Trick out my ride Trick out my ride - by Chinoleonard@gmail.com

My rust truck needs help it needs paint an a lot of love...(read more)

Why buy decals? Why buy decals? - by MASKED OFF

Looked better than any decals I could purchase for triple the price. Take that easy way! ...(read more)

Paint match Paint match - by Bigjohnson2015

Color matching my headlights ...(read more)

custom wrap borders custom wrap borders - by mactemo1

paint bumper and trims with carbon black custom wrap...(read more)

bumper bumper - by brandonarms

paint bumper, replace lower valance, replace upper bumper. install grill guard. install LED offroad ...(read more)

Ballistic Ballistic - by Dieselrican

Vehicle based PTSD Awareness platform....(read more)

Color match Color match - by alec_crabtree

Want to color match my top valence on front bumper with the color of my truck...(read more)

S15 S15 - by Cammdizzle

Low rider project ...(read more)

Project Yj Project Yj - by StewieHinze

Complete rebuild ...(read more)

Ruby Ruby - by Dale

Inside door frames looks like someone used a grinder on window edge ...(read more)

Custom front bumper Custom front bumper - by JoshYarnish

I build my own custom front bumper for my truck. I use duplicolor engine green paint on it. Seriousl...(read more)

Think pink Think pink - by Bobird

We enter a 4th of July parade every year with our antique fire truck , friend and family. Usually we...(read more)

Think pink Think pink - by Bobird

We enter a 4th of July parade every year with our antique fire truck , friend and family. Usually we...(read more)


I purchased this truck off the lot on Memorial Day in 2012 with only 12 miles on it Year/Make/Mod...(read more)

The Black Pearl The Black Pearl - by saytanikmekanik

stepside small block bottled lightning pissed off bastard...(read more)

Almost a Rat Almost a Rat - by sweeton.james@yahoo.com

This is a 1985 F150 I purchased as a basket case with only the cab and has not ran in years. I found...(read more)

Truck Truck - by Roald

Started fixing a fender - turned into a complete front end resto/mod...(read more)

My Tahoe My Tahoe - by Jaynkat13

going to do some graphic designs...(read more)

Rusto-mod Rusto-mod - by scotty

looking to give this truck a rusto-mod look most of the paint will stay the way it is just satin fin...(read more)

Taking my time Taking my time - by towermonkey@gmail.com

Bought this as a project truck about 18 months ago, got it mechanically sound, now I'm working on th...(read more)

Rosie Rosie - by akrider88

This truck means the world to me I have put countless hours into her. I have done all of the body wo...(read more)

TARDIS TARDIS - by dmenke

Decorating my Ex like the spaceship from the BBC series "Dr. Who"...(read more)

Oxidation Oxidation - by qadeermiller

Removing oxidation from hood and roof. Help me with the steps from start to finish....(read more)

Truck Truck - by Sean72

Make it Cool......(read more)

My truck My truck - by Gybsub@aol.com

Working on customizing the inside and engine compartment. ...(read more)

Interior fixes Interior fixes - by wsburrell@gmail.com

paint carpet and vinyl scratches...(read more)

Grill and random things Grill and random things - by dcavanaugh1975@gmail.com

Fixing bad areas on hood and Sport model rubber....(read more)

old skool to new skool old skool to new skool - by payupsucca6974@gmail.com

this was a one owner,a ol man bought it brand spanking new used it as a farm truck,he passed away an...(read more)

Bed Restore Bed Restore - by zjunk60

The Dakota, Tigger, is an ongoing project to make a fun daily driver / casual car show truck. With t...(read more)

Lil Red F-100 Lil Red F-100 - by jwm1941@yahoo.com

Restored this truck in the early 1980. As I have gotten older I want more comfort, ride quality & fu...(read more)

From white to desert sand. From white to desert sand. - by Toecutter

I painted my LJ with Desert Sand peel able paint and it came out looking pretty good....(read more)

Truck hood Truck hood - by Mikeb239

Painting the hood and roof of my truck ...(read more)

Fender flares Fender flares - by Rsbrewer2

Paint match my fender flares and fix some scratches ...(read more)

Fixing chipped paint above windshield Fixing chipped paint above windshield - by Jjordan1978

Whenever someone changed the windshield out they scratched the paint right above it. So I'm going t...(read more)

Rust Spot Repair Rust Spot Repair - by hhippe

Rust Spot on End Gate...(read more)

Lightning Clone Lightning Clone - by Akac907fighter

Putting on 20" lightning rims and using duplicator black chrome paint kit on the rims. Lightning smo...(read more)

Cowboy Cadillac Cowboy Cadillac - by ole0822@gmail.com

Just my old 7.3 Powerstroke farm truck. Has almost 300,000 miles on it and still going strong. ...(read more)


I own a '94 GMC K1500 Suburban. It is missing the RPO sticker inside the glove box. I would like t...(read more)

My Truck My Truck - by Inergmusic

Want to get this truck looking nice......(read more)

DareDevil DareDevil - by Fm19993

I bought this 1979 for a parts truck for my 1976 K20 however when I brought it home I discovered I w...(read more)

Truck Truck - by Marlee01

Frame off . Air ride, AC, Automatic OD, 350, new sheetmetal; complete bed front fenders. ...(read more)

veneral maintenance veneral maintenance - by PaulLeddy

Undercoating; paint calipers; as needed....(read more)

Winter wheel refresh Winter wheel refresh - by Shamlab

I didn't like how drab my wheels looked with my new winter tires and gave them a new look with Dupli...(read more)

Winter wheel refresh Winter wheel refresh - by Shamlab

My aluminum wheels needed a fresh look after a number of MN winters. Dupli-Color custom wrap did th...(read more)

My tahoe My tahoe - by Jaynkat13

Put some graphics on it. ...(read more)

Color Match Bumper/Mirrors Color Match Bumper/Mirrors - by acia32

I want to color match my bumper and mirrors to the factory paint on the rest of the truck. ...(read more)

Wheel Paint Wheel Paint - by Dhough114@gmail.com

First attempt at painting my ZR1 rims. Used 1689 primer and went down great. Then sprayed 2104 whee...(read more)

F100 Project F100 Project - by duanecr

Restomod of a 1953 F100 truck...(read more)

La burgundy La burgundy - by ricoomich

Extended cab 5/8 drop on 22s stepside ...(read more)

my truck my truck - by jameskwondo

body paint...(read more)

Black & blue Black & blue - by 92 f150

Just started on my old truck....(read more)

My truck My truck - by Amarook

Repair the rust on driver door....(read more)

Custom interior Custom interior - by HillbillyHnV

Custom trim hydrodipped in fall camouflage. White Duplicolor Wheel Enamel used for my base coat and ...(read more)

Family Truck Family Truck - by CarlRoth

Putting together a Family truck for camping and getting outdoors. Built a Hitch for the front of th...(read more)

My 62' Corvan Project My 62' Corvan Project - by gmscalzo

This was my 1962 Corvair Corvan 95 project that I sold a few years ago. It was painted with a custom...(read more)

Dodge Street Van Project Dodge Street Van Project - by gmscalzo

This is my current project and daily driver that I am working on. I am in the process of deciding on...(read more)

My truck rebuild My truck rebuild - by Timratpowertg@aol.com

I had to replace the frame under my 1990 GMC Sierra K1500. I had just recently replaced the the engi...(read more)

damage repair damage repair - by W.H. Bonney

repairing damage incurred from interstate barrier cable during 2017 ice storm Franklin Co. Mo....(read more)

4th of July/ Celebration of Freedom 4th of July/ Celebration of Freedom - by nickzenk@gmail.com

Painted entire truck in less than a day b4 the 4th of July. Used all Dupli-colors custom wrap remova...(read more)

F-150 Grille F-150 Grille - by ghindmon

Repaint F-150 grille...(read more)

City slicker City slicker - by stewartlawrence92@gmail.com

Cant wait to go lower and faster...touched up the rims with the Metallic Rim paint. excellent paint!...(read more)

Paint Job Paint Job - by Brayam107

Want to change color for example black, wine red ...(read more)

Jesses rebuild Jesses rebuild - by Zeppig

My 5 speed cummins is like to get back to looking brand new ...(read more)

Terminator truck Terminator truck - by B_smedia@hotmail.com

Doing some work to change the inside of my truck to make it unique...(read more)

Big blue D Big blue D - by Karmaschweppe36@gmail.com

Project daily driver. Started off factory with a whole lot of chrome. Slowly I've been doing the int...(read more)

The Zoom Zoom The Zoom Zoom - by Karmaschweppe36@gmail.com

We got this is replacement of another vehicle that someone rear ended us. (Scion Xb) was very happy ...(read more)

Ebola Ebola - by Reeseolger

Restoring my old car ...(read more)

Creating The Badger Creating The Badger - by TrailBadger

Our Project, is a special order 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport. Although the wife wanted the 201...(read more)

ILovemyTruck! ILovemyTruck! - by MartinJade

Repair of miscellaneous scratches....(read more)

Colorado Colorado - by Kubo4698

Fixing some body work....(read more)

Jmescape Jmescape - by Reeseolger

I'm escape...(read more)

Discoloration issue Discoloration issue - by duncan

I had a small scratch that turned into a bigger area through a few attempts at spot repair. I finall...(read more)

IH Scout 800 IH Scout 800 - by jobobalu

I Inherited a 1967 IH Scout 800 from a Navy friends father in Arizona. I've had two Scout II's in m...(read more)

1970 k10 restoration 1970 k10 restoration - by migwelder16

My great grandfather's 1970 k10 pickup truck that I am restoring from the frame up and dropping a 12...(read more)

paint paint - by the barber

Just doing some paint on it...(read more)

Tazman Tazman - by rickman2k

a rebuild project put on hold after a stroke but now back online !...(read more)

Zack Bronco Zack Bronco - by fiero2mod4@yahoo.ca

My 16 years old kid Fist buy Before he have is lincense ...(read more)

Paint job Paint job - by Duplot

I got bad big scratch on my driver side door...(read more)

raptor grille raptor grille - by mhcorson

raptor grille paint to match existing body panels....(read more)

Rusty F-250 Rusty F-250 - by jon@jondavis.net

Fix body fill rust holes touch up paint...(read more)

TRD OFF ROAD TRD OFF ROAD - by deltaelite10milli@gmail.com

Change color of parts of truck...(read more)

Green z71 Green z71 - by carlalma77@gmail.com

Lifted chevy painting and fixing interior...(read more)

LTZ71 LTZ71 - by shrektom

Our new truck!...(read more)

Winch project Winch project - by gfernan22

I want to paint my winch and support plates on the front of the vehicle. the color of the expedition...(read more)

OPEN WORK OPEN WORK - by lclc49@yahoo.com

1954 Chevy 3600 series 1...(read more)

My pride My pride - by mgrimes

A OBS Ford that i am trying to get to looking good again....(read more)

R/T Project R/T Project - by btaylor2662@gmail.com

color change to something with alot of gloss and metallic....(read more)

XJ ~ Goldie XJ ~ Goldie - by HTHAUL

Work Horse Service Jeep...(read more)

Repaint Repaint - by chasebmw@comcast.net

Restoring and repainting some panels....(read more)

Tailgate Repair Tailgate Repair - by tfannings@aol.com


TeamSolo TeamSolo - by thelockard7@gmail.com

92. 2.5L Iron Duke. Auto and slow. Bagged and Bodied (2 and 3/4 in). Shaved tailgate, door handles, ...(read more)

trusty trusty - by blackline4321@gmail.com

Old but great truck that needs a little TLC...(read more)

work truck work truck - by topperm3@gmail.com

2013 F250 that is used daily for running a property maintenance company. Tows trailers, Pushes snow,...(read more)

Rudeboy Rat-Truk Rudeboy Rat-Truk - by natidread420@gmail.com

Rasta ratted out truck. Bedliner paint, rattle can colors hand painted lion...(read more)

Blue Blue - by Hefslooking

My new truck...(read more)

Pilot Pilot - by Rmalit1106

Rear quarter panel...(read more)

My old truck My old truck - by Jevans2397

I got this truck for $275. I...(read more)

Project glow Project glow - by Brittster01

Wrapping parts in spray on glow wral...(read more)

Father and Son Father and Son - by Apache10

We picked this truck up a couple of years ago, my son is 14 and really enjoying the project. Of cour...(read more)

Rollback Rollback - by classicscustomsandrepair

Re-fab of our Rollback...(read more)

EVE EVE - by cessna17048

1988 Jeep Wrangler...(read more)

Restore/Rebuild & Repaint Restore/Rebuild & Repaint - by rfroome@gmail.com

4.0L, soft & hard tops, 69k mi. Remove rust, repaint and rebuild....(read more)

Decals Decals - by 66malibu

Remove decals and refinish...(read more)

Jurassic 4Runner Jurassic 4Runner - by 27soto@gmail.com

Jurassic 4Runner is my son’s creation. We started on it when he was 15 (he is now 18) and have bee...(read more)

BlueTurd BlueTurd - by miketala13@gmail.com

Rebuild my 68 Chevy c10 with 72 Chevy 5 lug front disc brakes and 5 lug 72 Chevy rear 12 bolt GM di...(read more)

My truck My truck - by 76dodge

My 1976 Dodge PowerWagon that I’ve done a full frame off resto on. Built 360 and 727 torquefite tr...(read more)

Jeep restoration Jeep restoration - by legoodc@gmail.com

Was Jeep Renegade pkge, removed urethane and hardly any steel left. Formed new panels in 5 foot bra...(read more)

Tailgate Tailgate - by aariza70

Primer: Paint: bgm0534...(read more)

Front Grill White Out Front Grill White Out - by clint.hope8808@gmail.com

Getting rid of the old fake plastic chrome plated crap that ALWAYS peels-bubbles-and flakes off! Pai...(read more)

Front Grill White Out (cont) Front Grill White Out (cont) - by clint.hope8808@gmail.com

Starting stripping & almost there... Just some fine tuning which takes more time than it should...bu...(read more)

Front Grill White Out (cont) Front Grill White Out (cont) - by clint.hope8808@gmail.com

Just done painting. In all it took 2 cans of Adhesion Promoter, 5 cans of Perfect Match color spray ...(read more)

Penny Penny - by natidread420@gmail.com

I have a small customization business called PoBoy Kustoms....in true PoBoy form, this vehicle has b...(read more)

My Chevy S10 Truck My Chevy S10 Truck - by donpucket

Repaint my 2001 Chevy S10...(read more)

f350 f350 - by kkarlk

paint truck...(read more)

Bumper Scratch Bumper Scratch - by MLFijalka

Bumper was scratched, sanded down the area, need to blend color in or change color of this section o...(read more)

Fender dented and scratched Fender dented and scratched - by MLFijalka

Need to pop dent and repair scratches...(read more)

Trailer Jack Knife Trailer Jack Knife - by MLFijalka

Dent and scratched, some paint rub off from trailer as well....(read more)

Salvation Salvation - by Fozzyauto

A 1966 c20 pickup that I saved from going across the scales for scrap. I paid $65.00 for this truck....(read more)

Interior Interior - by Ipacipat

Repaint dashboard, factory color ...(read more)

Restoration Restoration - by ed_blanchard@yahoo.com

Complete Frame off restoration of C-10 Shortbed Stepside...(read more)

Wife had bad day Wife had bad day - by slojas

The missus rubbed up against the concrete base of a light pole in a parking lot....(read more)

Jeep modification Jeep modification - by Cmurder303

Modification of my jeep...(read more)

Moneypit Moneypit - by mitch81

Restore...(read more)

Typhoon too Typhoon too - by mitch81

4wd blazer conveted to AWD with bravada transfer case with turbo 4.3...(read more)

Dodge Ram Dodge Ram - by bennett.sylvester@gmail.com

Painting truck bed panel ...(read more)

Chevy Chevy - by 1slow_cc

make my truck black again or paint it cherry red. ...(read more)

Operation Midnight Blue Operation Midnight Blue - by tjgingell67@gmail.com

Complete Duplicolor primer and base coat and clear coat on this 89 GMC Sierra SLE ...(read more)

Operation Midnight Blue Operation Midnight Blue - by tjgingell67@gmail.com

Prism effect clear coat sprayed over Midnight Blue base coat ...(read more)

Operation Midnight Blue Operation Midnight Blue - by tjgingell67@gmail.com

Prism effect clear coat in the sunlight........(read more)

Neglected and abused Neglected and abused - by yotazach@gmail.com

1999 f250 super cab 4 door 4x4 5.4l 233,000...(read more)

Orange Crush Orange Crush - by Tjhooker

Burnt orange metallic...(read more)

Elky Elky - by JKG

Repainting door jams...(read more)

F350 F350 - by ad6si@yahoo.com

Repair rust damage....(read more)

Fix it Fix it - by Jakemac67

Most of body has chips and clear coat scratches, the hood and roof need a repaint. Mainly worried ab...(read more)

Body repair Body repair - by Damen_walley@hotmail.com

Body damage repair and repaint who truck...(read more)

Engine Engine - by Kracken88

Cleaning and painting engine accessories and block. ...(read more)

BLAZER BLAZER - by jgmurray51

Paint Hood and Fenders to match rest of vehicle...(read more)

Custom wrap Custom wrap - by ambster1974@yahoo.com

Changing color to Custom Wrap Effects Steller...(read more)

Complete body job Complete body job - by rayniess99@gmail.com

I did a complete body job on my blazer and used duplicate color from primer to finish...(read more)

XTERRA XTERRA - by mtdancik@gmail.com

paint exterior touch ups paint bumper and moldings undercarriage touch ups and parts painting...(read more)

Complete body job Complete body job - by rayniess99@gmail.com

This is a finished pic of my blazer painted dark emerald metallic green with duplicate color profess...(read more)

Tribute to Steve Tribute to Steve - by Djonsey70

Steve is my Wifes twin Brother. Steve passed away a few years ago and Stephanie got his truck. There...(read more)

Rust Repair Rust Repair - by lens20v@comcast.net

Looking for the correct color match for this truck. ...(read more)

Cheney Cheney - by Mmedel7

A single cab ...(read more)

Old green giant Old green giant - by Flanders227@gmail.com

C20 has 350orig. Motor and orig.4 speed m20...(read more)

Bumper Bumper - by tmoseley1978@yahoo.com

A F-150 bumper painted with dupli-color paint shop lacquer and clear!...(read more)

Snapon toolbox Snapon toolbox - by Mtaylor141

I am a Master Technitian and I bought this snapon tool box pretty cheap and it had a few rust spots...(read more)

Blue beast Blue beast - by ONE SOCIETY GARAGE

I'm working on a 1985 Toyota pickup truck after my dad gave it to me it has been in the family for o...(read more)

JG8P JG8P - by Tonymilanowski

Jeep Rock Crawler ...(read more)

Towrig Towrig - by Dftr03

New family tow rig ...(read more)

old yellow old yellow - by g4h1949

1948 3100 Chevy pickup...(read more)

Tahoe Tahoe - by eric_abrams133@yahoo.com

Tahoe Rejuvination...(read more)

Honcho Honcho - by quintz@hotmail.com

An farm truck given to me by my father in law...(read more)

Camaro project Camaro project - by rnbhumann@outlook.com

Complete restoration from ground up...(read more)

Refresh Refresh - by xnotxpermanentx@gmail.com

Rekindling the flame <3...(read more)

Complete rebuild Complete rebuild - by Rickybobby15

Customize engine, caliper, and other parts with pain and designs with pain y ...(read more)

Tow Cap Paint Tow Cap Paint - by wdeamues

Paint Tow Cap to match vehicle color....(read more)

The 58 The 58 - by lucaswhite0589

Full rebuild and some custom work...(read more)

DE-Chroming DE-Chroming - by JosephTeeter

Starting with custom wrap matte carbon black (because of the easy reversibly back to factory plastic...(read more)

Scottsdale Scottsdale - by Josiah.bravo

Restoration of an American classic....(read more)

Resto/ street rod Resto/ street rod - by kmajr17@gmail.com

My truck is in need of a lot of help. Original wheels- gunmetal grey/ black caps Body- no rust,...(read more)

Hubcap restoration Hubcap restoration - by reegus58

1958 Ford F-100 hubcap restoration...(read more)

72 Bronco 72 Bronco - by michael_peal@yahoo.com

I am in the process of restoring my 72 Bronco. Its not much to look at now but im hopeful it will b...(read more)

Center caps Center caps - by Bigcam49

Color matching my center caps of my wheels ...(read more)

Anutha Level Anutha Level - by Block Head

Lowrider truck...(read more)

paint bumpers paint bumpers - by benjammer11@comcast.net

want to make all mu chrome black...(read more)

My truck My truck - by Christiantforoffice@gmail.com

This is my baby and i just want to fix her up perffect...(read more)