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Complete paint job Complete paint job - by Tofflemire

Painting camper shell and tailgait meanwhile fixing scratches ...(read more)

Truck Truck - by deliriousfly@gmail.com

Rock chips along the bottom of the body....(read more)

rust rust - by JoeJarvis

Need to touch up rust spots on my car. Need touch up bottle of paint Antique Pearl Sage #BTY1605...(read more)

My Camaro My Camaro - by Garycravillion

Fix scratches and chips in paint...(read more)

Scratches Scratches - by Shakadula

4 scratches including 2 dents. Using all in one touch up. More to come...........(read more)

Blue Streak Blue Streak - by ShaneHawk

OK, lots of scratch fixes...(read more)

Customizing Customizing - by diamonddon338@gmail.com

Having fun with Dupli-color products....(read more)

Ram Ram - by shaunbaker30

Scratches on the back passenger side of the cab. ...(read more)

painting painting - by benrr@cox.net

painting bumper...(read more)

My truck My truck - by spikeyridgley@hotmail.com

Clean up paint and upgrade the audio system ...(read more)

Baby Scratch repairs Baby Scratch repairs - by danthetgr

Minor paint chips and scratches hat need repairing throught the car. ...(read more)

Scratch repair Scratch repair - by Moorgoon

Very light scratch on drivers door - parking lot shopping cart ??...(read more)

Highlander Highlander - by Markyzb

fix the scrath...(read more)

Paint Paint - by tdish64@islandtelecom.com

I am trying to find the color of paint used on this model to repair scratches and rust spots. ...(read more)

Paint job Paint job - by bobbykc.az@gmail.com

Fix dents scratches and paint touch up ....(read more)

Repair Scratch Repair Scratch - by wjblakeman

Repair Scratch...(read more)

Door Door - by jkizzart

Passenger door bumper...(read more)

Paint a mirror Paint a mirror - by Lissie36027

Bought a used mirror witch was tan and my truck is blue ...(read more)

Parking lot ding Parking lot ding - by soundhound76

Someone hit my car in the parking lot. I don't want to use my insurance so I am looking to fix it my...(read more)

Scratches Scratches - by nightlyte510@gmail.com

Curing hater markes...(read more)

Chipped paint Chipped paint - by nightlyte510@gmail.com

My poor babies boo-boo's...(read more)

Fix a scratch Fix a scratch - by Rudas

Repair scratch in rear door...(read more)

Fix scratch Fix scratch - by williamtrujillo74@gmail.com

Repairing a scratch that a 6th grader did with his mountain bike on the second day of school....(read more)

New paint job New paint job - by photolab26bx@aol.com

Need to paint the car over few dents paint gone. ...(read more)

Scratch repair Scratch repair - by atkinson220@gmail.com

Repairing key scratches on passenger side of both doors. ...(read more)

Touch up Job Touch up Job - by migarod2832@gmail.com

Need to fix scratches around the vehicle...(read more)

Scratch fix Scratch fix - by Humberto1961

Repainting a scratch on vehicle on front hood...(read more)

Owner Owner - by richrollins67@gmail.com

Repair scratches due to everyday use....(read more)

Fix a scratch Fix a scratch - by marquis1968

need paint to fix a scratch...(read more)

SCION PROJECT SCION PROJECT - by archiegako1@gmail.com

Right rear bumper scratch from an unknown source....(read more)

Scratch repair Scratch repair - by dwpattillo69@gmail.com

Fix scratches from rocks...(read more)