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sun and moon sun and moon - by jamesd59

Found a old paint job and made it look new again with paint shop Prizm clear ...(read more)

Bike overhaul. Begining Bike overhaul. Begining - by paulcam

Overhauling my 1982 Honda Goldwing that was handed down to me from my dad...(read more)

1984 Honda Motorcycle 1984 Honda Motorcycle - by Swissturn1617

My freshened up 1984 Honda Magna using Dupli-Colors 3 parts enamel paint system! ...(read more)

Rims Rims - by Gfrenock

I want to paint the rims, not spokes glossy gold....(read more)



Slim Bobber Slim Bobber - by HD Slim

HD softail. black out motor, exhaust and front suspension...(read more)

Slim Bobber Slim Bobber - by HD Slim

Project is done for now. Engine covers were blacked out using Duplicolor Engine Enamel and re-spraye...(read more)

paint paint - by marold@comcast.net

repaint for 2016 season...(read more)

My First H-D My First H-D - by todd.warne@yahoo.com

Disappointed with the Hot-Tires tire paint. It immediately turns yellow even after 3 coates of pain...(read more)

Lead Sled Lead Sled - by timshp56@gmail.com

Custom built fiberglass one off parts.Big motor .60 shot nos.almost done...(read more)

Motorcycle Touch Up Motorcycle Touch Up - by dpellini@rogers.com

I need to touch up a scratch on the wheel and the center panel on the gas tank has a chip on the cor...(read more)

tank and fender tank and fender - by bongo

getting ready to repaint the tank and rear-fender. ...(read more)

My Vic My Vic - by DurteeRMC

Just the addition of a new wheel and fender. At some point a complete color change. ...(read more)

My Honda project bike My Honda project bike - by Cagefree

I bought this bike as a non running rusty mess and after refurbishing it mechanically went to pain...(read more)

Custom Painted Scooter Custom Painted Scooter - by DavidJazz

My 2007 Yamaha C3 came in silver. OK, but needed pizazz. I wanted a retro look with sparkle. Dupli-C...(read more)

Custom Bud Light Motorcycle Custom Bud Light Motorcycle - by JoshYarnish

Thank you Duplicolor for helping me reach my goal! June 23, 2016 was the 12th annual Wheels & Wings....(read more)

1964 sportster 1964 sportster - by fbmfatty@aim.com

just wanted to say thanks to duplicolor for making great paint !!!! here are my results with the (Du...(read more)

Preserve and protect  OEM custom color and ch Preserve and protect OEM custom color and ch - by ayers64

I would like to preservers the original Harley Davison custom paint while doing a poor hangs at the...(read more)

Rat Bob Rat Bob - by skparker1989@gmail.com

First Bike, First Build. I am striving to make a bike with good ride-ability with out loosing that ...(read more)

Proud Mary Proud Mary - by dmenke

Re-conditioning and repairing an origina; 77 KZ650...(read more)

POWMIA POWMIA - by cowboy37soul

A red, white, and blue color scheme (with blue as main color). Air brushed red razor wire along side...(read more)

Zx636r track / stunt bike Zx636r track / stunt bike - by Kev148

I picked up this bike a couple of years ago the previous owner had replaced the fairings but from o...(read more)

Paint Repair of Shipping Damage Paint Repair of Shipping Damage - by dsd@pinehurst.net

Project to repair paint damage that came from shipping bikes across country. Color Rite YBA Pearl ...(read more)

repair / replace repair / replace - by PaulLeddy

1. Wrap pipes 2. Replace brake light 3. New turn signals 4. Clean wheels 5. Paint calipers...(read more)

Custom restore Custom restore - by Kent russell

Complete tear down and restoration. ...(read more)

Cafe racer Cafe racer - by Cafeyamaha

Turned my Xs to a cafe racer used your paint with excellent results ...(read more)

Cafe Racer Cafe Racer - by briancantrell8@gmail.com

Kawasaki KE100 cafe racer....(read more)


Bike was found in parts in a cow barn in Skove Swenden...(read more)

Green TZ Green TZ - by ejb13

just a Green TZ250...(read more)

Grape Ape Grape Ape - by deacon2311

Project is a 2004 ZX10R grudge bike. I have always wanted a purple bike so I decided that this is th...(read more)

Scooter Scooter - by stevegargarello@yahoo.com

Bought a 50 cc scooter changed out the jug piston and a few other items, and when it came time to pu...(read more)

1983 Honda cm250c 1983 Honda cm250c - by DaRudes

My first major paint project. Black chrome fenders to start.....(read more)

Cafe Race Build Cafe Race Build - by Moike28

Cafe race bike painted burnt copper metal specks....(read more)

dragbike dragbike - by timebomb33@gmail.com

i used blue metal cast on the 1 piece tail section that i built from 18 gauge aluminium for the seat...(read more)

1135 sleeper 1135 sleeper - by timebomb33@gmail.com

the body was shot using paint shop dark blue laquer and clear. 4 coats of color and 4 coats of clear...(read more)


Bike was stolen and recovered it 2 months later.. Had been pretty much totalled.. So, I decided to ...(read more)

Vn900 Bobber Vn900 Bobber - by brett

Bobbing out a Vulcan 900 Classic from stock....(read more)

Helmet Helmet - by LJ josh

70’s style panel work lace,fish scales ...(read more)

Kitty Kitty - by rlseay71@gmail.com

Total rebuild. It was painted with a canary yellow latex paint. Duplicolor paint shop electric blue ...(read more)

Concours Concours - by Tercopete

my bike went up in flames and I litterally am doing the engine and side panels see photo before (pre...(read more)

Kate Kate - by Zgregg3

Complete overhaul...(read more)

"Scooter's Rebirth" - by Scooter Clown

Repairing and Repainting a "Shriner Clown's" Scooter to make it shine for the Kids during Mardi Gras...(read more)

Plastics Plastics - by fred_33_turmel@hotmail.com

Painting Plastics, Powder Coat rear caliper, swing arm bearing, clean wishbone, powder coat the fram...(read more)

Race fairings! Race fairings! - by Oracle462

Race/maybe street Chicago look...(read more)

My reconstruction of a Chinese scooter! My reconstruction of a Chinese scooter! - by Mshaney1

Purchased a badly damaged Chinese Scooter from a tow yard and could not find any body parts to fit i...(read more)

Brothers Harley Brothers Harley - by Johndees89@gmail.com

Going to paint the tanks, fenders and frame jet black with black cherry metal flakes...(read more)

The Stranger – Honda CB900c The Stranger – Honda CB900c - by DGMKE06

Got this CB900c for $450 and the guy threw in enough parts to almost build a second bike… a bit of...(read more)

Rf900 custom Rf900 custom - by sgshane82610@gmail.com

Complete paint job of my collectors rf900 back to factory colors and paint design...(read more)

Blooo Blooo - by Bloo

Used the metal specks as base and metal cast overtop, and automotive clear coat. Drops jaws...(read more)

Suzuki 2005 250cc Suzuki 2005 250cc - by Allen

This atv is mi first one I’ve had ...(read more)

New Look New Look - by Dharris909

I got my motorcycle for a great deal, but it came with some imperfections. The old owner dropped the...(read more)