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Red Shadow Red Shadow - by Brajoher

Change the shiny red to a beautifull red matte with custom wrap...(read more)

Rim Rim - by RamRunner

Temp rim colouring ...(read more)

Galant ES MLU (Mid-Life Upgrade) Galant ES MLU (Mid-Life Upgrade) - by wilburfish

Time for a refresh, Fix some rust, scratches and a dent or two....(read more)

touchup touchup - by tandmwheeler

touchup spray...(read more)

Front Bumper - Grill modifications & Paint Front Bumper - Grill modifications & Paint - by Craig-Parr

This project involves removing the front bumper, removing the 5MPH shock system, tucking and smoothi...(read more)

Windshield Windshield - by BCDees

Rust repair...(read more)

TransAm Racing Stipes TransAm Racing Stipes - by chevy513@gmail.com

Black racing stripes I painted on my friends white Pontiac TranAm using the duplicolor paint shop sy...(read more)

Side Marker and Lock Modifications Side Marker and Lock Modifications - by Craig-Parr

In this segment I removed the trim, side marker lights, and locks. ...(read more)

Customized and Painted rear bumper Customized and Painted rear bumper - by Craig-Parr

In this segment I customized and painted the rear bumper. Because I used a 1970 Camaro tail panel I ...(read more)

Steve's Steve's - by catchley

LS1 swap...(read more)

Beginning the paint job Beginning the paint job - by Craig-Parr

In this project we are laying down the complete paint job with Dupli-Color paint shop, starting with...(read more)

Customized Rear Tail Panel Customized Rear Tail Panel - by Craig-Parr

In this segment I changed the look of the back of the car by adding a 1970 Camaro tail panel and lig...(read more)

71 Avanti 71 Avanti - by ron@crall.com

Purchased someones abandoned project. Car had been separated from frame and media blasted. Body an...(read more)

Finishing Touches Finishing Touches - by Mop

Roadrunner built bumper to bumper. Almost finished!...(read more)

Not Restored, but upgraded Not Restored, but upgraded - by ShaneHawk

This is a car that my Dad found in four garages, and pieced back together. He is "Tired of working o...(read more)

Rav4 Rav4 - by mbvillarta

Remodel...(read more)

Trunk skin cancer repair Trunk skin cancer repair - by Dangonzz

Trunk lid has skin cancer. Need to clear it and repaint. ...(read more)

Lasaber Lasaber - by jmwilliams0203@gmail.com

REpainting front bumper cover. ...(read more)

2005. Chevy caviler 2005. Chevy caviler - by dustinmarcum1@yahoo.com

Paint whole car arveal blue paint code 815k...(read more)

Eve Eve - by slant6billy

A long term build over the years and in 2012 All the rot was removed and car was remetal-ed and shot...(read more)

Paint new wheels I got for my bug Paint new wheels I got for my bug - by kohalas@gmail.com

IO got new tires and wheels for my VW Bug but they are a bit beat up. I am going to use a filler and...(read more)

Camaro Resto: Camaro Resto: - by dsterling1009

restoring an 89 camaro to better than new...(read more)

honda honda - by bernietg

rust repair...(read more)

Scratch repair Scratch repair - by BurnettB

Left rear door ...(read more)

Interior Restoration Using Duplicolor Interior Restoration Using Duplicolor - by nlwilson0707@gmail.com

My husband and I purchased a 1987 Mustang GT Convertible Foxbody that was very neglected. The inter...(read more)

A Unique Accent! A Unique Accent! - by Caseydelorenzo17@gmail.com

I plan on repainting my Jeep this summer and with expectations to do so, I wanted a different accent...(read more)

my toy my toy - by rcch86@gmail.com

redoing the interior of my 78 grande lemans and my brothers 79 lemans safari wagon...(read more)



My whip My whip - by Andygumb

Repainting the car ...(read more)

Mustang Mustang - by sean3339@comcast.net

Touch up scratches. ...(read more)

Converting the convertible Converting the convertible - by pkingrn@gmail.com

We transformed my 95 convertible from teal and white to teal and black to give it a more aggressive ...(read more)

Van paint jobs Van paint jobs - by joel.goyena@gmail.com

Some panels need small painting jobs...(read more)

Hood & Bumper Hood & Bumper - by csvideo

Hood and front bumper cover are primered and need paint & clearcoat....(read more)

blacl flake blacl flake - by pcluck

paint del sol black flake...(read more)

Bumpers Bumpers - by Gheen

Clear coat...(read more)

3rd Time's a Charm 3rd Time's a Charm - by grumpajoe

beginning stage of sanding down to prep to put back to original color ...(read more)

Lil chit Lil chit - by Gopherchucks

My wife's supercharged Mini Cooper s r53 ...(read more)

Sports Car Sports Car - by turbo6go

Scratches & Ding repair...(read more)

Sad Wheel Covers Sad Wheel Covers - by Cattracks31

Bought my mom's '99 Mazda Protege and the wheel covers were pitted, faded, scratched and all around ...(read more)

Clearcoat replacement Clearcoat replacement - by Anduiril

The clearcoat is coming off so I'm painting my car. Starting off with the hood which has some paint ...(read more)

CajunBoy CajunBoy - by Dannylawson1978

I', taking this stock "CountryBoy" 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer LS 4DR to the next level! I am going ...(read more)

work in progress work in progress - by aaronfountain03

Need to fix paint peeling. ...(read more)

fix fix - by admfrncs

fix dent...(read more)

Rumbler gasser Rumbler gasser - by Thom.high@me.com

I'm building a 68 Rambler American gasser Base color will be white but putting the red and blue wi...(read more)

2005 BMW 745LI 2005 BMW 745LI - by shawninohio

My 2005 BMW 745LI was purchased from New Hampshire on a Mass Clear Title. It was a Theft Recovery s...(read more)

My Subie My Subie - by J.carr79@yahoo.com

Rear trunk lip coming soon...(read more)

St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals - by Bradywelker@outlook.com

New car still unsure what all to do ...(read more)

Side view mirror Side view mirror - by T7193rm

Paint new passenger side rr view mirror...(read more)

Interior change Interior change - by Justin2500

I am changing my interior of my car from tan to black and white....(read more)

Fixer upper Fixer upper - by Manny123

So I started by rebuilding the engine and now I'm off to paint. Because I have a low-budget I have ...(read more)

Rust cleaning Rust cleaning - by Malik12345

Getting rid of the rust ...(read more)

my g my g - by djblaq

Lookin for a new color for it...(read more)

Refreshed Eclipse Refreshed Eclipse - by JLS2

Interior and exterior refresh of a 1990's classic. ...(read more)

2002 BMW 530i Front End Repair 2002 BMW 530i Front End Repair - by crane.edward@gmail.com

Crashed front end. Must repair. Will do M5 bumper cover upgrade, too....(read more)

Rx7 Rx7 - by Carter_chapman

1986 Mazda rx7 gxl 4 lug ...(read more)

Reviving the Interior Reviving the Interior - by frank_darrigo@hotmail.com

I used DupliColor to revive the interior of a 35 year old Datsun 280zx 2+2. Overtime, the original ...(read more)

Racing Stripes Repair Racing Stripes Repair - by LoneSeeker777

Fixing my car's racing stripes w/ Duplicolor's matte carbon black custom wrap. Front ones are tat...(read more)

Front Bumper Front Bumper - by Gmz95

I bought my car from another owner and had a large portion of chipped paint on the front bumper in t...(read more)

New paint job New paint job - by EdgarrV25

Costume wrap my Jetta matte Carbon Black...(read more)

Touch up Touch up - by nickatmu1

Touch up jeep...(read more)

Bumper cover Bumper cover - by Billytherouse

New bumper ordered a needs paint...(read more)

black beauty black beauty - by johndavidhensley@yahoo.com

barn find time capsuale...(read more)

Amber Amber - by Rickyworley.rw

Collision repair...(read more)

Bmmbl- b Bmmbl- b - by howard-t@telus.net

Repairing and maintaining my SUV ...(read more)

custom custom - by Rmanateejoo

Bought car half done.Has been painted a chrysler color of mojo go...(read more)

Upgrading Upgrading - by Dsand92

New car look again...(read more)

Jdm honda build Jdm honda build - by rashelsin@yahoo.com

Buuldng a civic coupe with my fiance....(read more)

project project - by snackcakes3

1964 Chevelle ss...(read more)

bangin engine bay! bangin engine bay! - by SoFreshAutowerkz

Here's an engine bay I did for a customer with dupli colors retro red than hydrodipped with this awe...(read more)

The Beast The Beast - by justincarle2

The Beast. 2004 Ford Crown Victoria Police Intercepter. 4.6L White. ...(read more)

Barricade Barricade - by Henretty67

Custom transformers edition 'Barricade'...(read more)


Repaint wheels and calipers...(read more)

Turning a 4dr into a Police Car Replica Turning a 4dr into a Police Car Replica - by Craig-Parr

We are going to use Duplicolor custom wrap. This allows us to return the car to it's original style ...(read more)

Deer Deer - by Cpatrick9898

I hit a deer and need to paint the new parts....(read more)

Infiniti Test Infiniti Test - by dxa521

This is a thing I am doing to test stuff...(read more)

Mom's Camry Right; Rear Bumper Scratches Mom's Camry Right; Rear Bumper Scratches - by DBauknecht

Mom back up into the front of my Durango's Passenger Side Front Door & dislodged the Silver Running ...(read more)

Love this stuff Love this stuff - by Alsteendr@yahoo.com

Started last year with the carbon black, did a recoat this year and added the stripes. Super fast an...(read more)

POS POS - by Asimoneaux


69 Camaro Restoration 69 Camaro Restoration - by Cash1960

Complete restoration of a 69 camaro....(read more)

XJ XJ - by rmflyer

Repaint 1998 Jeep XJ...(read more)

Rear Spoiler Rear Spoiler - by Hankmo

Paint and installed rear spoiler! QM1 paint code......(read more)

Old school Old school - by corylewis59@gmail.com

Love my old school...(read more)

CB9 CB9 - by sohospeedshop

Fun little car that has a great interior but the body was a little rough...lets see what Duplicolor ...(read more)

Body Modifications Body Modifications - by ShortStaq69

Turning from plain design to a more aggressive look....(read more)

Rust Rust - by captainaaron

Fix rust...(read more)

Replacing Austin's bumper Replacing Austin's bumper - by kmullen1175

Austin's bumper was damaged by a mail box. I am painting and installing a new bumper on his car....(read more)

Sally Sally - by transamman

Trans Am resto...(read more)

Restoring Restoring - by jasionoj54

Restoring a 2000 Buick Century again...(read more)

Paint repair Paint repair - by melsr50

Repair front bumper and left rear fender....(read more)

Electron Blue Pearl Electron Blue Pearl - by JanMoctezuma98@gmail.com

Fixing a crap spray paintjob...(read more)

87 IROC-Z 87 IROC-Z - by mpd1911

This is my first refurb/restore since the 80s. I'm doing all that I can in this project, and have fo...(read more)

Rust Bucket Rust Bucket - by VidalGD

1984 Dodge Shelby Charger, been working on it for about 2 years, engine and trans have 26000 miles o...(read more)

Bumper Repair Bumper Repair - by henri915

Fix the hole in the bumper...(read more)

My First Project My First Project - by keybea@hotmail.com

I need to paint this car!...(read more)

Paint Job Paint Job - by keybea@hotmail.com

I want to paint the car a different color ...(read more)

YF i45 2.0T YF i45 2.0T - by ThetaIIT

The plan is vinyl wrapping different interior trim pieces, and hitting the wheels with a Dupli Color...(read more)

40th Anniversary Edition Mustang 40th Anniversary Edition Mustang - by FrostFire70

Fixing scratches and large dent in a friends Mustang....(read more)

SHO Porsche SHO Porsche - by Lawsonstar

400 hp V6 SHO Porsche 914...(read more)

Daisystein Daisystein - by kshuman

Wow but I love her...(read more)

Restoration Restoration - by newbie

A fresh new look!...(read more)

1975 Road Runner 1975 Road Runner - by dano73

My 1975 Plymouth Road Runner I found in a field in Tennessee. I painted it with Duplicolor paint sho...(read more)

Cop car fix Cop car fix - by o9vic@hotmail.com

Fender rust holes in roof deep scratches ...(read more)

Pretty with pink Pretty with pink - by Krissty8313

Decided to add a little colour to my baby...(read more)

My Vision My Vision - by X-Wav

An incredible vision...(read more)

Dark Knight Dark Knight - by raptarooster@gmail.com

Eclipse non turbo has some problems but she is my baby...(read more)

Body side moldings Body side moldings - by mrmusica54@gmail.com

Looking forward to painting the side moldings to match the rest of the vehicle....(read more)

Jag Jag - by charlesjhailey

The mid-size S-Type luxury-sport sedan enters '07 with several new options, including a rear-seat DV...(read more)

Car Car - by charlesjhailey

BMW’s mid-size luxury sports sedan and wagon receives minor updates for 2007, including a standard...(read more)

POS POS - by charlesjhailey

Available in both sedan an Avant wagon forms, the A6 now offers an available S line package on the A...(read more)